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Businesses from iGaming to Travel and e-commerce use our world-class payment platform to accelerate acceptance, reduce fraud and prevent customer churn.

Accelerating Acceptance

Payments are constantly shifting. Regulatory frameworks evolve at pace. You need a strategic partner who delivers more than a payments service – you need one that drives value.

At Ilixium, we’re developing for now and defining what’s next. Revolutionising the payments industry with our unique combination of technical expertise, regulatory understanding, local knowledge and international reach, we accelerate the acceptance of customer payments at significantly lower costs – all with zero stress.

What we do

Taking payments to the next level

Our complete payment solution leverages our in-house payment technology featuring best-in-class anti-fraud, authentication and data security. Customers get a seamless & secure payment experience through the Ilixium Secure Token or Ilixium Wallet, and you get more completed payments at check out than ever before.

How we do it

Where the smart money is

Whether you’re looking to boost customer satisfaction, increase profitability, reduce churn, drive efficiencies or mitigate risks – our payment platform delivers an unbeatable experience.

Build value

Boost customer satisfaction, reduce drop-offs and increase profitability.

Reduce Risk & Costs

Lower your operating costs and mitigate both compliance and fraud risks.

Who we are

Always ahead of the game

Tenacious to our core, Ilixium unites expertise in technology, payments processing, compliance, regulation and customer experience to develop for now and define what’s next.

Across sectors from iGaming to travel and e-commerce, we help you optimise the payments process – boosting customer satisfaction, enhancing security and reducing costs and risks.


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